Volunteer Today!

Want to be a fireman? Come see us.

Want to volunteer but don’t want to be a firefighter? Come see us.

It should come as no surprise that those who are willing to run into a burning building and take hundreds of hours of emergency and firefighter training are typically not the same people who want to apply for grants, document procedures, update the website, plan events, or keep the station clean. Currently, those who wake up at two in the morning to respond to emergencies are the same people who do all the administrative and custodial tasks. If you don’t want to run into a burning building or devote hundreds of hours to emergency training, you could help us out by volunteering to do any of the following:

Grant Writing
Grant Implementation Management
Vehicle Maintenance
Website Maintenance
Facebook Moderator
Procedures Documentation
Once-a-week Station Cleaning

Or come to us with your skillset or interest and let’s see where you can help.

Please consider volunteering!

2017 CHFC Officers

Chester Heights Fire Company is proud to announce the 2017 officers.

Administrative Officers
Sam Iannucci Sr. – President
Mark Laloup – Vice President
Sue Cody – Secretary
Larry Ward – Treasurer
Jeff Cody – Financial Secretary
Renee Crossman – Director
Jerry Shoemaker – Director

Line Officers
Sam Iannucci Jr. – Chief
Larry Ward – Deputy Chief
Rob Hazlett – Assistant Chief